Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct is a guideline for the entire FI Group and therefore applies equally to all of us. It is aimed at both top management and all other employees and serves as a benchmark for our actions and values. By complying with this code, we are signalling our responsible conduct towards investors, business partners, customers, suppliers and employees.

Commitment of the company management

The FI Group is aware of its duty to act responsibly in economic, social and ecological terms. We are committed to conducting our business competently and ethically and to ensuring fair competition in all the markets in which we operate. This includes compliance with applicable laws and adherence to antitrust and competition restrictions. We make every effort to ensure that we do not gain any unlawful advantages over our customers, suppliers or competitors.

Team spirit and constructive cooperation

We continuously scrutinise existing solutions and develop new ideas in order to serve our customers in the best possible way. To this end, we promote constructive teamwork among our employees and always take their interests and requirements into account. The diversity of our employees in the various business areas and their commitment are an important factor in our success.

Standards of cooperation

We attach great importance to ensuring that our employees always act in accordance with the highest professional standards and our company’s guidelines. If an employee violates laws, guidelines, rules or regulations during his or her work or through his or her conduct, he or she must face the prospect of disciplinary and/or criminal action.

Open communication with employees

We do not cover up any misconduct. If employees report actual or suspected misconduct in good faith, we will not tolerate any attempts to intimidate or retaliate against them. By “in good faith” we mean that the employee is convinced that his or her account is true and accurate. This applies regardless of whether a subsequent investigation confirms the employee’s version or not.

Dialogue with cooperation partners

Business information of our partners and their trade secrets are always treated confidentially and appropriately protected. The required documents are properly created and stored and, if necessary, securely and completely destroyed after the end of the cooperation.

Customer orientation

We treat our customers and business partners fairly and honestly. We record their wishes, needs and expectations in order to ensure their targeted implementation in products, services or other processes. Our primary goal is to build long-term, stable relationships with our customers and

Acceptance and awarding of gifts and donations

a) Gifts to our employees
Our employees should not request or accept any personal benefits from customers or suppliers that could influence their conduct with regard to their work for the company. If third parties offer gifts, they may only be accepted if they are generally customary and recognised as a courtesy or favour, such as promotional gifts bearing the logo of the company that offers them (e.g. calendars or pens). If the value of a gift exceeds the usual amount, the compliance officer or the management must be informed. If this is not possible, such gifts should always be refused.

b) Gifts offered by our employees
Gifts may only be offered by our company within the limits of what is customary for the business relationship and to a materially appropriate extent. The recipient must not derive any obligations from this that could influence his/her business decisions.

c) Donations
As a rule, the FI Group does not donate to political parties, individuals or organisations whose goals contradict our corporate philosophy or could damage our reputation. The allocation of donations is always transparent.

Disclosure of shareholdings

In order to ensure transparency towards our managers, employees, customers and business partners, the FI Group discloses its shareholdings in other companies, regardless of their size. Our managers and employees are expected to do the same. These persons may only hold political offices or be elected to management positions in other companies with the written authorisation of the FI Group.

Bribery and corruption

We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. It is immaterial whether they cause financial losses to our company or third parties. We use control mechanisms to prevent bribery, theft, embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. Our employees are not permitted to accept or grant favours of any kind (cash, trips, gifts, etc.) that are associated with inappropriate benefits, such as the awarding of contracts or projects. We also expect our business partners to avoid conflicts of interest that could pose a risk of corruption.

Data protection

We treat all personal data of our customers, business partners and employees with the utmost care. It includes names, addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth, as well as information about a person’s current state of health. Our employees are obliged to take all necessary measures to protect our IT systems from both internal and external data theft. In particular, they should use passwords to prevent misuse and unauthorised downloading of files, especially inappropriate material from the Internet, in order to secure our systems. We ask all employees to ensure that personal data is only used for business purposes and that it is treated confidentially at all times. Our employees are also obliged to disclose the data to authorised persons only and to comply with data protection regulations and laws.

Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment and climate is a top priority for us. Our employees are required to treat all natural resources used in our company, such as energy, water, air and land, with due care. We expect our employees to act responsibly in the manufacture and distribution of our products and services. To protect our employees, we comply with all laws and regulations relating to health and safety in the workplace. Our managers take appropriate measures to create a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.

Compliance with applicable laws

We require our managers and employees to familiarise themselves with the laws, regulations and rules that are relevant to their area of responsibility and to comply with them without exception. Our managers have a particular responsibility when it comes to adhering to the Code of Conduct. The business practices of our business partners and suppliers must also comply with applicable laws. This applies in particular to imports, exports, domestic trade in goods, technologies or services as well as payment and capital transactions. Violations of economic embargoes and trade, import and export control regulations must be ruled out by our business partners, as must terrorist financing and money laundering. We are committed to ensuring that our managers and employees comply with applicable tax and money laundering laws in their respective countries.

Fair competition

We are committed to fair competition and adhere to laws and regulations in this respect. We refrain from entering into agreements on prices, conditions and strategies with competitors, suppliers, other companies or dealers that hinder fair competition. We do not take part in any anti-competitive boycotts.

Prohibition of discrimination

Any form of discrimination is prohibited as a matter of principle, regardless of whether it relates to nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability, religion or ideology. Promotions and new appointments are always free of discrimination.

Dealing with internal company information

It is important to us that the products we manufacture, the services we offer, the work equipment we use and the company’s intellectual property are handled carefully and responsibly.

Protection against child or forced labour

We unequivocally reject child and forced labour and expect the same from our business partners. Even if the legal requirements of the respective country of our suppliers and/or business partners permit the employment of school-age children (under the age of 15), we will endeavour to put an end to this practice.

Implementation and enforcement

The FI Group is committed to making the necessary efforts to fulfil the principles and values described in this Code of Conduct.


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